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To put an end to your employees wasting time and money trying to advertise & recruit without the expertise to do so. To provide a cost effective and efficient recruitment service without the risk - ensuring you source star candidates.

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About us

We solve the dichotomy faced by many companies, recruit via advertising or pay to use recruiters. You have the ability to do both, partnering with us gives you the security that you are advertising the right message in the right medium for a cost up to 80% cheaper than using recruitment consultants.

When to use us

Your problem - a position you need to fill. Quickly.  You know when it’s advertised it’s going to get a high response rate and therefore a headache as you don’t have time to go through them all, but don’t want to miss the right person. This is where CV Sourcery can help. We can manage the whole advertising process for you. Positions that work best are administration, sales, marketing, telesales, call centre, operational, retail and manual.  Volume positions and those that are constantly needed also benefit from this approach.

Why us

We are an independent specialist with over 20 years of recruitment experience, utilising our advertising know-how to get positions filled.  Due to the volume of clients that use us, our advertising rates are lower than you would be charged, so you benefit from our economies of scale and give you a superior service for limited additional cost.  We are happy to demonstrate our abilities and value, please get in touch to prove what we can do.

We know where to advertise

Not only will we save you having to find the right medium through trial and error, but we can also conduct the process anonymously, so you won't have to field questions from responders or worry about current staff being made aware if it's confidential.

We filter the response

The disadvantage of the modern application process is the ease of applying. The downside is that 98% of responders don't have the right experience, which is where we work hard to filter, leaving you with only the people with the right skills.

Want to see all the responses? No problem, we can just place the advert and forward it to you.

Client Testimonials

Our office location is not that convenient and is a barrier to recruiting. CV Sourcery manage an ongoing advertising campaign for us so when someone with the right sales background applies, we can see them and decide if they’ll fit in the internal team without any delay. We benefit from the reduced advertising.

We gave the brief to CV Sourcery and let them do the rest. We were provided with a manageable short list of local, qualified people that we interviewed and had two people we were happy to offer the position to. All within a week. A cost effective and efficient service we’ve used on a number of occasions and will continue to do moving forwards.




We post targeted job adverts on multiple job boards and forward you the relevant applicants.

Advertising & Job Board Search


We will also scour the job boards databases and search & return suitable CVs to you.

Advertising & Filtering


As previous but also get in contact with the applicants and shortlist to create the most relevant shortlist for your role.

Advertising, Filtering & Interview Arrangement


As previous and in addition arrange interviews at a suitable time for both you and the candidates.

Additional Services

Psychometric assessment

£150 per occasion *

Reference checking

£150 per occasion *

* all prices subject to VAT

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